About Me

I invite you to step in and explore, to take a glance and be amazed at the endless possibilities that await finding your Orlando GFE. I welcome you to expect the unexpected. Step into my world and leave all limitations behind. One look into my mesmerizing green eyes, one glance at my captivating smile and you’ll never be the same again.

You’ll find in me the perfect Orlando GFE: I am a petite and dainty femme, just 110 lbs, standing 5’4. I have a beautiful complexion, velvety soft skin, kissable lips, and luscious brown hair.

I am an intoxicating 34D-24-35 – curves reminiscent of an Italian Sports Car. Shall I mention my “very lovely” bottom? It is one of my most deliciously tantalizing features. There is just something about me; I am alluring.

I will welcome you with a kiss from those soft lips, allowing our warm embrace to take over as we forget our daily trials and tribulations. Let me grace you with my beauty, humor you with my charming wit and captivate you with my joie de vivre. We will smile and laugh with this Orlando GFE.

Allow me to tend to your most intimate of needs; you will be the center of my attention. I will be your sultry lover, your friend, your confidante…

So, I invite you to join me for an unforgettable, perhaps even transcendental experience.

A distinguished gentleman like yourself prefers the finer things in life, so why not connect with an luxury companion who shares your penchant for elegance and sophistication?

You have refined taste and search for an escort replete with complexity. Similarly, I’m selective about those whom I chose to share my time with. I value quality over quantity. Soon you will see that I am fully present when we are together. I am with you and no one else.

You’ll discover that 7-course tasting menus, evenings at the theater, business functions — these are exponentially more pleasurable when a lady such as myself is by your side. Especially when that lady is the personification of gentility.

You enjoy museums, sporting events, live music, stand up comedy, sailing at sunset; I adore them as well. I love coming up with ideas for a unique rendezvous full of fun and cheer, a bespoke experience just for us.

Above all, I value a holistic connection and a “meeting of minds”. You will find me an engaging, enthusiastic, (sometimes slightly naughty), woman who delights in every aspect of spending time with a like-minded man. That is why I wish to know more about you.

Close your eyes and envision our encounter. We share a bottle of wine, candles flicker, soft music plays in the background. We sit a safe distance apart and are a bit shy. Secretly, I want to be closer to you. We smile and laugh, sharing our stories.

The wine warms us, and with each sip, we feel a little bolder. As our flirting intensifies I lean in closer to tell you my dreams and desires. I touch your arm as I laugh at your joke. There’s no denying the anticipation that intensifies as we stare into each other’s eyes. We listen to one another with authentic interest and intrigue. 

As you pour us another glass of wine, I shyly lower my head and then toss it back. A lock of hair falls in front of my eyes and you  instinctively gently brush it away. Our eyes lock, you move forward slowly and your lips finally meet mine. Time magically stops as we embrace. It is a moment neither of us wants to ever end. 

xoxo Beverly


Beverly is amazing; petite and perfectly formed, friendly and puts you at ease very quickly, it was like I had known her all my life…

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