Beverly Lamour

The Petite Paramour

I invite you to step in and explore a GFE, to take a glance and be amazed at the endless possibilities that await. I welcome you to expect the unexpected. Step into my world and leave all limitations behind. One look into my mesmerizing green eyes, one glance at my captivating smile and you’ll never be the same again. Try an Orlando & Tampa GFE.

Allow me to tend to your most intimate of needs; you will be the center of my attention. I will be your sultry lover, your friend, your confidanteā€¦

I invite you to join me for an unforgettable, perhaps even transcendental GFE.


Beverly is amazing; petite and perfectly formed, friendly and puts you at ease very quickly, it was like I had known her all my lifeā€¦


Beverly is, in my view, the best at what she does or offers; she oozes class and quality. She left me breathless, like she walked out of my dreams and was much more than I expected.

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