Orlando GFE - I confess...

What is the one item of clothing that makes you feel sexy that you own?

I love to keep secrets. The feel of expensive lingerie under a light, breezy dress is so sexy. I prefer black Lace and on very special occasions I put on my leather lingerie! During summertime, an Orlando GFE date night can get very hot…

What is your favorite body part?

My hands. I know that isn’t the answer you were expecting! 😉  Everything great that I do starts with the hands. Hands are such an underappreciated body part. And touch is a sense that really relies on our hands. Now, the most beautiful parts of me are my seductive green starburst eyes. I express a lot of emotions through them. Make a date with me and you will see!

If I could have a dildo molded after any porn star who would that be?

Johnny Sins. Enough said.

3 favorite artists on my sex playlist?

Sade, Marian Hill, and Frank Sinatra. I love the classics and I believe in the seduction of a smooth voice. Music is great to set a tone and maintain the intrigue…

Are you quiet or loud when climaxing?

I can be both depending on the situation. I am sure you can too. Let’s go on a date and you may find out…

My favorite place to get intimate?

Anywhere that is comfortable for us both inside, outside, private, or public—as long as it is enjoyable for us both. I know a lot of beautiful places to be intimate in my hometown, but Fly me to you and we can explore your hometown for that ideal place!

The porn I have most recently...

Johnny Sins and Madison Ivy. I love to use my imagination, believing that I am right there with them! Watching porn is hot and gives me some good ideas for our next meeting.

What kind of costume lingerie turns me on the most?

Cat woman costume lingerie is my top favorite! And of course I know how to purr and love to lick. I abstain from any pussy jokes. 😉

The strangest place I've had sex?

In a SeaWorld Aquatica private family bathroom! Now there were definitely more bizarre places to do it at SeaWorld but… that’s a great Orlando GFE style experience, don’t you think?!

Biggest turn-ons?

Fresh breath, excellent hygiene, rich-quality cologne, and confidence. I like a man who is secure in himself and even as a long-term gfe companion, I like to maintain these niceties between us. I do not like arrogance whatsoever.

What makes me laugh?

Many things! I am vibrant, bubbly and always ready for laughter. Laughter during intimacy is sweet and can make our companionship more light-hearted and fun.

My favorite outfit for a gentleman is?

A high-end black business suit with colorful decorative socks. I like a man with a subtle style, who is confident in his style details.

My favorite Orlando restaurant is?

The Waldorf Astoria’s Bull and Bear. I LOVE dates there and gfe companion outings to really nice meals makes me extremely happy.

Best Birthday present ever?

An exciting week-long getaway to Costa Rica. I love to travel and am so open for fmty adventures!

Would I ever go to a nude resort?

Hell yeah, in a heartbeat! Let’s plan a nude resort vacation together, we can pack light!

Perfect date plan?

Anything on my website’s escort Orlando date page or we curate a special plan together outside of Orlando. Fly me to you or come visit me here. I welcome any chance I get to explore new places with new friends.

What was your most embarrassing moment?

Getting caught in bed with my boyfriend as a teenager, by my father. (He actually kicked in the door!) My boyfriend then jumped out the window and over a large fence. Needless to say, that incident taught me how to NOT get caught…

What was your best date ever?

My best date ever was a FMTY date in Denver, Colorado a couple years ago. We had a lovely dinner in a Michelin-starred restaurant Mizuna then saw Imagine Dragons at Red Rocks amphitheater.  It was incredibly seductive to get to know each other over the course of the night—and the sexual tension drove us wild. You can leave the rest of the night to your imagination—but I’ll just say it was bliss-filled for both of us.

Worst date ever?

A very attractive couple—who seemed deeply in love—asked me for a luxury companion style date. I was looking forward to it!  Couples can be a lot of fun and these two were super sexy, glamorous and flirty. We had planned a wonderful night out.  Everything started out great—we had wine in downtown Winter Park and then we went to their hotel. As things were getting warmed up, they started fighting out of nowhere! They were full-on yelling and screaming and it obviously became VERY awkward for me.  I believe in being fully open to new experiences  and am committed to making people comfortable, but I’m not a couples therapist!

When was your first kiss?

We were both 13.  We were riding bikes on a dirt road, and we stopped and took a walk in the woods. We were holding hands and then we kissed … it was adorable. Being young and first experiencing your sensuality and its stirrings—it’s so magical.

What was your 1st concert? And what were your best 3 concerts?

Red Hot Chili Peppers was my 1st concert. And the best 3 concerts would have to be Sade, Elton John, and Guns & Roses. (I have a very diverse taste in music, so that may seem like quite the contrast.) But I love seeing shows and live music. I’m a fantastic date at a festival and am a master at small private “after parties” for two.

What’s on your date bucket list?

I would love to see the Northern Lights. Spending time in nature can be so dramatic and liberating—and that would be a dream extended travel date for the perfect luxury gfe! Ideally, we go to Iceland and can soak in the thermal waters there—Relax and re-energize, clothing optional of course.

What’s your best-kept secret?

Being Beverly Lamour, exclusive escort and luxury companion.

What’s your worst kept secret?

Well, I guess it’s no longer a secret now…  but I love rock and roll and am a huge concert / festival addict! I find the power and passion in rock music super sexy. I’m such a sucker for that lead singer sex appeal, and the way they hold their microphones.

Biggest pet peeves?

Cigarette smoke yuckkk! I cannot stand the smell at all! I understand oral fixations, but I think there are better ways to satisfy them.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?


What time of day do you wake up?

Between 8-10am- I would not say I am a morning person, though it can be a nice time of day to lounge around in bed with a special friend. Waking up slowly … in lingerie…

Do you make your bed?

I always make my bed in the morning. My bed is a sacred space. Plus, it gives me a sense of pride that I have accomplished the first task of the day. Then Beverly Lamour is ready to take on the world.

What is your favorite late-night snack?

I crave substance.  I love to eat filling, satisfying food… I do not eat like a bird. And I am not vegan either. (I have a ravenous appetite… and it doesn’t always apply to food 😉 I may be a petite companion, but I have a big personality. I don’t hold back.

How do you take your coffee?

I don’t normally drink coffee, but when I do, I love a hazelnut cream with some honey. I have a sweet tooth. And I relentlessly seek the yummy things in life.

At what time do you feel your most sensual?

I can feel sensual anytime—it really depends on the mood and situation. I think that making love at night is different from a morning romp. It’s fun to explore the differences. As a committed gfe companion, I always make it a point to know my partner’s more energetic hours.

What do you dream about?

My dreams are awesome. I escape nightly.  My dreams are lucid and are often very vivid—which I think is pretty cool. I rarely have nightmares, thank God. I don’t steal the covers. I love sleeping in silk sheets and adore a decadent, luxurious bedroom.

What's a bad habit of yours?

Packing at the last minute! I will literally wait 3 hours before I have to catch a flight to start packing. I just dread packing—but love traveling. Jumping on a plane to meet someone in an unexplored city is one of my favorite things to do. Though I enjoy being a local gal both an Orlando gfe & Tampa gfe, I find that a fly me to you date is always full of unexpected adventure. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me about being your gfe companion:

What's a good habit?

I am very on point and responsible. I am never late. I am clean and well organized but I’m not a NUT job about it. I keep up-to-date with everything—from friends, family, work, health… I keep my Twitter account very active with my latest news. Follow me on Twitter @BeverlyLamour!

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